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Commercial Cleaning: What Options Are Available?

Commercial Cleaning: What Options Are Available?

May 11, 2020
Those that operate a business will understand how important it is to keep the environment clean and free of hazards. Although choosing a cleaning company may seem simple, some considerations need to be made to ensure that the right professional is being used.

Those searching for a commercial cleaning company for the first time may be unsure of what services are needed.

Although Shine Cleaning Solutions is always available to answer any queries, it does understand the confusion that many businesses face when choosing a cleaning company for the first time and can offer the following guidance.

Basic Cleaning

Basic cleaning is often something that is carried out via schedule. This allows the business to be kept clean and hygienic as it counteracts the build-up of dust and dirt. The form of cleaning carried out can depend on the premises, as well as the wishes of the business owner.

Basic cleaning is ideal for maintaining an area where a deep clean has already been carried out.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning ensures that all aspects of cleaning are taken care of that would not be part of a regular cleaning schedule. A deep clean is often carried out in conjunction with basic cleaning but can be used in other scenarios.

For example, those moving business premises will want to ensure that their old premises are left in pristine condition, so will make us of deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning is also a viable option for those wanting to ensure that they are moving into a clean and sanitary working environment.

Why Choose a Professional Cleaning Company?

Many businesses must watch their bottom line, but this does not mean that a business should have to do make do with a lacklustre service as a result. Professional cleaning does come at a cost but can offer a lot more value than cheaper services.

Companies offering a flat fee can seem enticing, but there can be times when some of the necessities are missing. Working with a professional cleaning company allows a business to instil a bespoke cleaning schedule that is affordable and effective.

A professional cleaning company will also have the right equipment, which ensures that any cleaning schedule can be maintained with little effort.

Those employing the services of a professional cleaning company can also be confident that the company is experienced in several areas, often carrying out the following forms of professional cleaning.

  • Office Cleaning

  • Communal Area Cleaning

  • Retail Cleaning

  • GP and Dental Surgery Cleaning

  • Factory Cleaning

A professional cleaning company can also offer other additional services such as facility management. One of the most important reasons to choose a professional cleaning company is because they will have the right credentials and will be experienced in cleaning premises without disrupting the business.

As well as being given a professional cleaning service, business owners also have peace-of-mind that the cleaning provider they are using is
Get the Most From Your Energy with Solar Panel Proofing

Get the Most From Your Energy with Solar Panel Proofing

September 13, 2019
There’s no denying how popular solar power has become, especially when it comes to creating energy for the home.

However, those that have had solar panels installed on the property may find that they need to consider solar panel proofing in Edinburgh.

The maintenance costs surrounding damage incurred by pigeons has meant that more and more people are keen to ensure that their solar panels are protected.

What Deterrent Solutions are Available?

There are several solutions available when it comes to deterring pests such as pigeons, but it’s important for the solution to be applied in the right way.

As well as safeguarding solar panels from potential damages, there could be instances where pigeons are already present.

Of course, trying to remove the pigeons ourselves could prove to be difficult, so it’s important that a professional is used in this regard.

As well as being able to contend with any feral pigeons present, a reliable and professional company will also be able to apply solar panel proofing that’s designed to be effective.

The Problems Pigeons Can Create with Solar Panels

Anyone familiar with pigeons will now how unhygienic they can be, and just how many problems can be left behind.

For example, droppings are not only unsightly but could have a corrosive effect that stops the solar panels from working as they should.

Pigeons that are resting beneath the solar panels could also cause damage to the wiring as a result of nesting, which means both home and business owners are soon having to pay costly repair bills.

Factors to Consider with Solar Panel Proofing

When applying solar panel proofing there is the option of carrying out the application ourselves, but unless we’re experienced, this is not always advisable.

Not only does the height of the solar panels means that you would be working high up, but without the right tools then more damages could be incurred to the solar panels as a result of the application, so it’s important to instruct a professional in the first instance.

What a Professional Offering Solar Panel Proofing Can Offer

The reason why so many invest in solar panels is due to the money they can save, so it stands to reason that people don’t want to be contending with a series of maintenance bills due to damages incurred by pigeons.

Using a professional company to carry out the proofing of solar panels ensures that you’re given a solution that is almost invisible to the eye, can be installed easily and can be removed easily when servicing the solar panels themselves.

It’s also important to ensure that the solar panel proofing carried out doesn’t void the warranty of the solar panels, as this could mean even more expense is incurred.

If you suspect birds are causing problems with your solar panels, then it could be an idea to speak to a pest control specialist in the first instance.

As well as determining the best approach when contending with birds already present, a reputable pest control company will also be able to offer solar panel proofing that is cost-effective and reliable.

How to Prepare Your House for Holiday Guests

How to Prepare Your House for Holiday Guests

January 24, 2019
We all love weekends and holidays because they are a time to relax and freshen up from the grind and rut of everyday life. But holidays are also the time to get together and enjoy the pleasures of life with family and friends.

However, guests mean extra work and playing host which might not be the most wonderful thing for some of you to distress. But it’s said that happiness increases when shared. So be excited about meeting your loved ones instead of worrying about all the pre & post-arrival chores, because we will help you navigate these waters with some easy tips and tricks.


The first thing to do to give your house a clean and organized look is de-cluttering. Collect all and any unnecessary items from the living room, foyer, bedrooms (especially guest ones), dining room, and outdoor sitting areas and put them in out of sight spaces, like drawers and cupboards. Take care to not put too much stuff in guest bedroom drawers so they can free for their own use.

If you are short on time or space, you can just bag all the junk or unnecessary stuff and put it in the garage till after the guests leave. Temporary but effective solution!

Hire a Cleaning Service

Many of us usually get really busy with work and regular household chores before the holidays to spare time for a deep-cleaning. In such a case, hiring a professional cleaning service is a great option. These services have become pretty popular for both residential as well as commercial cleaning.

Make Sleeping Arrangements

Your regular room arrangements can house only so many guests. Sooner or later, you will need extra sleeping spaces and beds to accommodate everyone. So it’s best to get some extra mattresses and bedding items ready to go at the house in addition to regular bedroom setups.

You can easily find folding mattresses and compressed pillows in the market. These will not only save space but will last you for a long while too.

Renew Bathroom Supplies

bathroom supplies

Everyone prefers to use personal toiletries and self-care items but that does not mean that you slack off in restocking your bathrooms with the basic supplies.

Put rolls of toilet paper, a set of towels, regular soap bars and other toiletries on open shelves or in baskets along with a garbage can inside the bathroom so they are easy to find.

And as a safety measure, place a plunger beside the toilet to avoid an awkward encounter too.

Add Lights

Lights infuse a beautiful warmth and welcoming ambience to the whole space. So get some gold and rainbow fairy lights and hand them around the house to make it more open and cheerful.
Bathroom Trends for 2019

Bathroom Trends for 2019

December 14, 2018
The bathroom can be one of the most used rooms in the house, so it stands to reason that those looking to enjoy their bathroom will be looking for a style that suits their tastes and budget.

However, some people can struggle when it comes to carrying out a redesign and will be looking for inspiration when it comes to reinventing their bathroom.

Fortunately, there have been several design trends that will inspire and transform your bathroom into a tranquil environment.

The following trends have been cited as the main reason as to why more and more people are searching for companies that offer bathroom installation & designers in West Lothian, as they are visually appealing and practical.

Bigger Bathrooms are Becoming Popular

Although some people are happy with the size of their bathroom, others have moved their bathroom to a different part of the home. The reason bigger bathrooms are being popular with the masses is because people are recognising the bathroom as more than a place of maintaining hygiene.

Due to how busy the home can become in the modern age, more people are using their bathroom as their chosen respite, and tight spaces can mean some feel a little confined. Some people may prefer to work with smaller spaces, but those looking for more room may consider making some changes around the home.

Moving everything to a bigger part of the house can be costly, but ultimately it could be the perfect solution for those looking to find a place of relaxation.

Vintage is Back in Style

The retro undertones of yesteryear have always been alluring around the home, but they’ve now found their way into the bathroom. Regardless of whether you’re looking to give your décor a new look or make use of vintage mirrors or cupboards inspired by the 19th-century workmanship, the vintage look is one that is making an impression in all the right ways.

Nickel and Brass are Making an Impact

It’s not only a series of patterns and layouts that are making an impression in the modern-day bathroom, but also the material used for the bathroom fixtures.

Although some choices can be more expensive than the others, the introduction of brass and nickel ensures you have facilities that are not only eye-catching but become more alluring as time goes by.

Patterned Wallpaper is Perfection

Those looking to adopt a new style for the bathroom for the first time may assume that wallpaper doesn’t belong in the bathroom, but current trends are dictating otherwise.

The patterns you use will often depend on the overall tone of the room, but some of the designs finding traction in the bathroom include flora and fauna prints.

Of course, you must ensure that the rest of the bathroom fits in with the wallpaper but given the scope of tends currently doing the rounds, this shouldn’t prove to be too difficult.

Black is Back

It’s safe to assume that black has remained an integral part of interior design for some time, but there are times when it steals the limelight when it comes to bathrooms. Regardless of whether you’re looking for striking vanity units, or simply want to ensure that your mirrors offer something less conventional, then black is bold colour that will continue to dominate into 2019.

Compact Living Helps Make the Most of the Space Available

Although some people will be looking to divide the space they have available, others may not have as much to work with, so a different approach is needed. Fortunately, compact living doesn’t mean having to leave in

Facilities in the bathroom no longer have to be bulky, with several slimline options available for those who are looking to make use of the space available without feeling confined.

Saving space is often a goal when deciding on a new bathroom, and this is more prevalent than ever as we head into 2019. Regardless of the design being instilled, more and more homeowners are looking to make use of freestanding items that offer style and practicality in one sitting.

Technology is Everywhere in the Home, Even the Bathroom

Not everyone will be keen to introduce technology into the bathroom, but those who like to adopt the latest tech and drivers will already know the convenience on offer from smart devices.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to instil music in the bathroom while relaxing, or looking for a new way of controlling lighting, there are several options available that help tech enthusiasts create their perfect space without compromising the overall character of the bathroom.

Indoor Plants Remain an Integral Part of the Bathroom

As well as bringing a series of health benefits into the home, the introduction of plants in the bathroom can help bring a resort-like feel to your bathroom. There are plenty of foliage options available that differ dependant on the space available.

What’s more, plants are affordable, which ensures that there is very little cost when creating your own personal sanctuary.

Tactile and Texture Tiles add Depth

The tile used in the bathroom can sometimes be an afterthought but taking some time out to consider what tiles means that you’re able to add some additional dimensions that may have not been possible with conventional tiles.

Different textures on the tiles can deliver different results, such as how light is reflected around the room.

To get the best from tactile tiles, it’s important to use classic colours such as white, grey and black.
Selecting Kitchen Ceiling Lights: Four Types of Kitchen Lighting

Selecting Kitchen Ceiling Lights: Four Types of Kitchen Lighting

November 25, 2018
Everyone dreams of installing beautiful pendant lights in the kitchen. Not only do this type of lighting fixture add some pizazz to one of the busiest parts of the home, but they are also functional. How do you select the perfect pendant for your kitchen? It all boils down to what you need from the fixture itself.

Whether you want to add a beautiful design with minimal light functionality, or focus on shedding some light on the surface where you prepare food, you’ll be able to select the perfect fitting after reading this simple kitchen pendant lighting guide.

Task Lights


As the name states, a task light is functional and provides more light on a work surface. If you want to get a pendant fixture that illuminates your work surface, you should look at designs that aims light downwards. The fixture should also have an open or translucent bottom for maximum light.

Accent Lights


This type of fixture sets out to accentuate a specific piece of furniture or art. While kitchen pendants are not usually designed to accentuate a piece of art, you can still use them to complement your granite top or wooden working surface. Pinpoint lights are great for this specific purpose.

Ambiance Lights


In this case, no specific spot is focused on illuminating. Ambiance lights are there to create a welcoming atmosphere. If you want to use a pendant fixture for ambiance purposes, consider using multiple lights spread across the area for even lighting.

Decorative Lights


Decorative lights are used for just that, to decorate your kitchen. This means you already have bright task lights, and you want your pendant lighting to be the key design feature of the kitchen. Consider getting a pendant fixture that casts interesting shadows.

Finding the Perfect Kitchen Light


You will soon find that getting a pendant fixture that suits your needs is not too difficult. You can play around with contrasts or double-up on specific design elements to accent specific features in your kitchen. The key is to identify the function of the pendant you are looking for before buying something that looks the part but does not add value.

Adding a pendant fixture in your kitchen can be the difference between an ordinary kitchen, or a magnificently designed one. Follow these hints and tips before making your final decision on the type of pendant lighting you want to have installed in your kitchen.
Our Top Pick of the 8 Best Ceiling and Floor Lights for Your Home

Our Top Pick of the 8 Best Ceiling and Floor Lights for Your Home

October 23, 2018
Finding the perfect lighting fixtures for every room in your home can be a bit difficult. Every type of fixture has its unique purpose and qualities that can add character and ambiance to a room. The first step before buying lighting would be to familiarise yourself with all the different types of lighting you would be able to use.

In this post we take a look at some of the most common types of ceiling and floor lights for every room in your home. Let’s get started.

1. Pendants

A pendant light fixture is most commonly used in kitchens. They are suspended from the ceiling, adds extra light to the work space and adds to the character of the room.

2. Wall Scones

Wall scones are fixed onto a wall and can direct light upwards and downwards. This type of fixtures is commonly used for decorative purposes as well as creating ambiance in a space.

3. Track Lighting

Track lighting is also common in kitchens and bedrooms and is seen as a task lighting fixture. It consists of a linear cable or frame with adjustable heads along the track.

4. Valance Lighting

Valance lighting is usually used for illuminating darker areas and provides upwards and downwards streams of light. It can be mounted on any surface.

5. Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling lighting are commonly used in bedrooms and consists of a bulb with a plastic or glass shell. They are considered task lighting fixtures, with little to no decorative function.

6. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are suspended from ceilings and used for decorative purposes. A chandelier can be used to beautify any room or space in your home, and creates ambiance.

7. Recessed

This type of lighting is installedwithin the ceiling itself. They are perfect for using in areas where you need light directed in a specific spot, like task areas in a kitchen.

8. Floor Lamps

Last but not least, you will be able to add a touch of style to any room with a floor lamp. They are usually used for decorative purposes and are available in a wide range of styles and sizes.

And that’s it! Finding the perfect lighting for every room in your home should be a bit easier now that you have a better understanding of the different uses of each type. Who said lighting had to be boring? Any room can be livened up simply by the use of a beautiful lighting fitting.
6 of The Best Solar Powered Lighting Options for your Garden

6 of The Best Solar Powered Lighting Options for your Garden

October 8, 2018
Using solar powered lights in your garden can turn it into a magical venue where fairies come out to play at night. It’s great for creating a welcoming atmosphere, and to light up a path. With its dual-purpose, solar powered ground lighting is a great environmentally friendly option to add a touch of personality to your garden.

Join us as we take a closer look at some of the top-rated solar powered lighting options for your garden. You’ll be spending more time outdoors with these beauties!

#1: MPow Solar Fairy Lights

Turn your garden into a magical venue with these waterproof solar fairy lights by MPow. Whether you are hosting an event, or want to add a touch of magic to your home, the MPow solar fairy lights are durable, waterproof and perfect for any purpose.

#2: Solar LED String byLumify 300

For a magical touch, opt for the Solar Centre Lumify 300. They come at a price, but it’s well worth it. The string is 32 m in length, and perfect for wrapping around your trees. You also won’t have to worry about quality, and they come with a chargeable USB.

#3: solarbuy24 Happy Flowers Solar String Lights

Your garden or venue can be transformed into a wonderland with these cute coloured glass lamps by solarbuy24. They are perfect for using on trellises, shrubbery and porches. The string includes fifteen lamps and is six meters in length. A great buy for any occasion or just to pretty up your porch.

#4: Solar Powered Wall Fixture by Philips

Philips has always been the leading manufacturer in lighting, there is no doubt about that. When it comes to LED lighting, there is none brighter or better than the Philips myGarden Dusk solar powered wall light. They are also available in a wide range of designs.

#5: Solar Garden Light by Blooma Nessus

The Blooma Nessus is made of plastic, so it’s not great regarding quality. They are still great for lighting up walkways and creating a sense of magic in your garden. You can also flip the switch to LED colour changing, which adds a touch of fun.

#6: Solar Powered LED Post by Philips

And finally, we have another fantastic model by the LED kings, Philips. The Dusk Solar Powered Post is ideal for illuminating lawns, and has a warm LED light. You can easily switch it on or leave it on automatic, whichever is most convenient for you.

And that’s all of them! Are you ready to turn your garden into a magical evening venue? We’d highly recommend any of these solar powered LED ground lighting options for your garden. The best one out of the bunch being the Philips myGarden Dusk Solar Powered Post.

5 Benefits of Outdoor Solar Lighting

From Visually.

7 Benefits of Opting for Pendant Light Fixtures

7 Benefits of Opting for Pendant Light Fixtures

September 25, 2018
When it comes to giving a space in your home some personality, what would you do first? Paint the walls? Buy some extra scatter pillows? Maybe you’ll add some more ornaments. Have you ever considered what a difference a pendant light fixture could make to a room in your home? Ceiling pendant fixtures are versatile and offer many benefits to those who wish to jazz things up a bit.

Join us as we take a look at some of the benefits offered by pendant light fixtures.

1. Adaptable


While some lighting fixtures are fixed, ceiling pendants can be installed to suit your liking. Whatever height you prefer it to be hanging, you’ll be able to adjust it easily to suit your needs. Pendant light fixtures are the adaptable decorative lighting option.

2. Versatile


You’ll have a wide range of styles to pick and choose from. Whether your décor reflects a retro or classic style, you’ll be able to find a pendant light fixture to complete and complement your room. Pendant lights are available in a wide range of styles.

3. Saves Space


If you are thinking about installing a pendant light fixture above your dining room or kitchen counter, you won’t have to worry about any table space being compromised. Pendant light fixtures are great for saving space and keeping your work area uncluttered.

4. Provides More Light


Pendant light fixtures are ideal for those areas where you need a little bit of extra light. Due to the angle and height, these fixtures illuminate areas where you need light the most and would otherwise have been too dark.

5. Affordable


You won’t have to cough up a huge amount if you want to buy and install a pendant light fixture. Thanks to the popularity and availability of these types of light fittings, you’ll be able to find a design that not only suits your taste, but your pocket too.

6. Decorative


Pendant light fixtures are ideal for decorative purposes and accent lighting. As we’ve mentioned before, there are loads of designs and materials out there. It is the ultimate décor item with an added benefit of being functional.

7. Creates Ambiance


Adding a pendant light fixture to a specific area in your home will not only add a bit of flair, but it will also create some ambiance. No need for lighting candles and dealing with wax spills when you have a pendant light fixture!

There are loads of benefits of opting for pendant light fixtures when it comes to lighting for your home. Keep in mind that these are not necessarily task lights, depending on the design, but mostly for accent lighting purposes.
Our Top Pick of the 6 Best Floor Lamps for Your Home

Our Top Pick of the 6 Best Floor Lamps for Your Home

September 10, 2018
Floor lamps are great for creating intimate spaces, making statements and livening up any room in your home. There are so many types and styles out there, not to mention the different types of material you would be able to choose from. While these items are great for decorative purposes, they are also functional by providing just the right amount of light in a space.

In this post we take a quick look at eight different types of floor lamps for your home. This will make it easier for you to choose one that suits your established style.

#1: Down Bridge Floor Lamp

The down bridge floor lamp is ideal to use as a reading lamp at your favourite wingback chair. The light is directed downwards, with the socket and shade at an angle.

#2: Tower Floor Lamp

These type of floor lamps are an excellent choice for a statement decorative item as they double-up as just that during the day. They also provide just enough light to create an ambient atmosphere.

#3: Club Lamp

Club lamps consist of a base, pole and a lampshade. The design lends itself to area lighting, and there are loads of different designs and materials available to choose from.

#4: Torchiere

Arguably the most common and popular type of floor lamp is the torchiere. The name translates to ‘torch’, which reflects the shape of this beautiful style.

#5: Adjustable Club Floor Lamp

The adjustable club floor lamp is pretty much the same as the generic club floor lamp. The only difference is that you can adjust the height to suit your need or preference.

#6: Tray Lamp

Another variation of the common club floor lamp, this type of floor lamp is based on the same design. It features a tray that is made of glass that is inserted at a height and is great for creating area light.

As you can see there are quite a wide variety of different types of lamps available out there. One to suit every style and function to be exact! Thanks to the fact that you can determine the shade you wish to use; floor lamps are very versatile lighting options that can give life to any space in your home.
5 Tips on How to Use Lighting Expertly in Your Home

5 Tips on How to Use Lighting Expertly in Your Home

August 23, 2018
Lighting in and around the home is an often-overlooked aspect. It not only serves as décor, but also to set a mood, create an atmosphere, or allow you to get things done. Using the wrong type of lighting can cause all sorts of problems, and we’re not talking about decorative issues.

In this post we take a look at some pointers that will help you when you have to decide on lighting for your home. Let’s get started.

1. Light Up Your Kitchen

Kitchens call for extra attention when it comes to lighting. You want to be sure that your workspace has enough light so that you can see what you are doing. Make sure that you use different types of fixtures at specific spots in your kitchen.

2. Soak Up the Sun

While a well-lit space in your home is important, making the most of sunlight is even better. Make sure your dining area is close to the window and that it gets loads of natural sunlight in the morning. This will ensure you’ve got loads of energy for the day ahead.

3. Fitting Lighting for Each Space

Each room and space within your house will call for its type of lighting and lighting fixtures. Keep in mind that you should layer different types of lighting fixtures for a rounded off look. Each fixture should have a designated purpose, be it decorative or functional.

4. Use the Right Wattage

The wattage of bulb you choose to use in a specific space is important to take into consideration. Certain spaces call for a lower wattage, while workspaces will demand brighter light. Be sure you get the right wattage for each area in your home.

5. Remember Your Accents

Finally, it is important to have a complete and balanced look. Your accent lighting should not focus on providing light, but set the ambiance of a room and pull your decorative elements together. Keep things like texture and design in mind when choosing accent lighting.

There is so much that can be done with a little more thought when planning your home’s lighting. Remember to select the right lighting fixtures for the purpose they will fulfil and you should do just fine!

Interior Lighting Design

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