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about-lightingcreationsWelcome to Lighting Creations.

Alfie Curtis is the founding member of Lighting Creations. As a seasoned interior designer, Alfie has years of experience with creating beautiful homely spaces. His passion however, is the strategic use of beautifully designed lighting fixtures to bring forth the true essence of interior and outdoor spaces.

Alfie wanted to create an online platform where home owners could access handy tips on interior design, décor but more specifically lighting. He is joined by a team of writers and fellow interior decorators who shares his love for the illuminating power of light and light fixtures.

The site had very humble beginnings, but soon grew and we now boast a strong established readership from all around the globe.

You can expect the following when you join us:


We’ll provide some expert tips on lighting fixtures in and around your home. From garden lighting to pendant fixtures, we’ll cover them all.


Our team keeps an eye out on all the must-follow décor and lighting design blogs. We’ll share some of the best blogs to follow with you.


Never miss out on the latest décor, design or lighting trends. Our team keeps up-to-date and publish the latest in lighting and design news here.

Be sure to contact us if you have any décor or design question. We’d love to hear you out and provide some support.