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Bathroom Trends for 2019
The bathroom can be one of the most used rooms in the house, so it stands to reason that those looking to enjoy their bathroom will be looking for a style that suits their tastes and budget.

However, some people can struggle when it comes to carrying out a redesign and will be looking for inspiration when it comes to reinventing their bathroom.

Fortunately, there have been several design trends that will inspire and transform your bathroom into a tranquil environment.

The following trends have been cited as the main reason as to why more and more people are searching for companies that offer bathroom installation & designers in West Lothian, as they are visually appealing and practical.

Bigger Bathrooms are Becoming Popular

Although some people are happy with the size of their bathroom, others have moved their bathroom to a different part of the home. The reason bigger bathrooms are being popular with the masses is because people are recognising the bathroom as more than a place of maintaining hygiene.

Due to how busy the home can become in the modern age, more people are using their bathroom as their chosen respite, and tight spaces can mean some feel a little confined. Some people may prefer to work with smaller spaces, but those looking for more room may consider making some changes around the home.

Moving everything to a bigger part of the house can be costly, but ultimately it could be the perfect solution for those looking to find a place of relaxation.

Vintage is Back in Style

The retro undertones of yesteryear have always been alluring around the home, but they’ve now found their way into the bathroom. Regardless of whether you’re looking to give your décor a new look or make use of vintage mirrors or cupboards inspired by the 19th-century workmanship, the vintage look is one that is making an impression in all the right ways.

Nickel and Brass are Making an Impact

It’s not only a series of patterns and layouts that are making an impression in the modern-day bathroom, but also the material used for the bathroom fixtures.

Although some choices can be more expensive than the others, the introduction of brass and nickel ensures you have facilities that are not only eye-catching but become more alluring as time goes by.

Patterned Wallpaper is Perfection

Those looking to adopt a new style for the bathroom for the first time may assume that wallpaper doesn’t belong in the bathroom, but current trends are dictating otherwise.

The patterns you use will often depend on the overall tone of the room, but some of the designs finding traction in the bathroom include flora and fauna prints.

Of course, you must ensure that the rest of the bathroom fits in with the wallpaper but given the scope of tends currently doing the rounds, this shouldn’t prove to be too difficult.

Black is Back

It’s safe to assume that black has remained an integral part of interior design for some time, but there are times when it steals the limelight when it comes to bathrooms. Regardless of whether you’re looking for striking vanity units, or simply want to ensure that your mirrors offer something less conventional, then black is bold colour that will continue to dominate into 2019.

Compact Living Helps Make the Most of the Space Available

Although some people will be looking to divide the space they have available, others may not have as much to work with, so a different approach is needed. Fortunately, compact living doesn’t mean having to leave in

Facilities in the bathroom no longer have to be bulky, with several slimline options available for those who are looking to make use of the space available without feeling confined.

Saving space is often a goal when deciding on a new bathroom, and this is more prevalent than ever as we head into 2019. Regardless of the design being instilled, more and more homeowners are looking to make use of freestanding items that offer style and practicality in one sitting.

Technology is Everywhere in the Home, Even the Bathroom

Not everyone will be keen to introduce technology into the bathroom, but those who like to adopt the latest tech and drivers will already know the convenience on offer from smart devices.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to instil music in the bathroom while relaxing, or looking for a new way of controlling lighting, there are several options available that help tech enthusiasts create their perfect space without compromising the overall character of the bathroom.

Indoor Plants Remain an Integral Part of the Bathroom

As well as bringing a series of health benefits into the home, the introduction of plants in the bathroom can help bring a resort-like feel to your bathroom. There are plenty of foliage options available that differ dependant on the space available.

What’s more, plants are affordable, which ensures that there is very little cost when creating your own personal sanctuary.

Tactile and Texture Tiles add Depth

The tile used in the bathroom can sometimes be an afterthought but taking some time out to consider what tiles means that you’re able to add some additional dimensions that may have not been possible with conventional tiles.

Different textures on the tiles can deliver different results, such as how light is reflected around the room.

To get the best from tactile tiles, it’s important to use classic colours such as white, grey and black.
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