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Get the Most From Your Energy with Solar Panel Proofing
There’s no denying how popular solar power has become, especially when it comes to creating energy for the home.

However, those that have had solar panels installed on the property may find that they need to consider solar panel proofing in Edinburgh.

The maintenance costs surrounding damage incurred by pigeons has meant that more and more people are keen to ensure that their solar panels are protected.

What Deterrent Solutions are Available?

There are several solutions available when it comes to deterring pests such as pigeons, but it’s important for the solution to be applied in the right way.

As well as safeguarding solar panels from potential damages, there could be instances where pigeons are already present.

Of course, trying to remove the pigeons ourselves could prove to be difficult, so it’s important that a professional is used in this regard.

As well as being able to contend with any feral pigeons present, a reliable and professional company will also be able to apply solar panel proofing that’s designed to be effective.

The Problems Pigeons Can Create with Solar Panels

Anyone familiar with pigeons will now how unhygienic they can be, and just how many problems can be left behind.

For example, droppings are not only unsightly but could have a corrosive effect that stops the solar panels from working as they should.

Pigeons that are resting beneath the solar panels could also cause damage to the wiring as a result of nesting, which means both home and business owners are soon having to pay costly repair bills.

Factors to Consider with Solar Panel Proofing

When applying solar panel proofing there is the option of carrying out the application ourselves, but unless we’re experienced, this is not always advisable.

Not only does the height of the solar panels means that you would be working high up, but without the right tools then more damages could be incurred to the solar panels as a result of the application, so it’s important to instruct a professional in the first instance.

What a Professional Offering Solar Panel Proofing Can Offer

The reason why so many invest in solar panels is due to the money they can save, so it stands to reason that people don’t want to be contending with a series of maintenance bills due to damages incurred by pigeons.

Using a professional company to carry out the proofing of solar panels ensures that you’re given a solution that is almost invisible to the eye, can be installed easily and can be removed easily when servicing the solar panels themselves.

It’s also important to ensure that the solar panel proofing carried out doesn’t void the warranty of the solar panels, as this could mean even more expense is incurred.

If you suspect birds are causing problems with your solar panels, then it could be an idea to speak to a pest control specialist in the first instance.

As well as determining the best approach when contending with birds already present, a reputable pest control company will also be able to offer solar panel proofing that is cost-effective and reliable.

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