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How to Prepare Your House for Holiday Guests
We all love weekends and holidays because they are a time to relax and freshen up from the grind and rut of everyday life. But holidays are also the time to get together and enjoy the pleasures of life with family and friends.

However, guests mean extra work and playing host which might not be the most wonderful thing for some of you to distress. But it’s said that happiness increases when shared. So be excited about meeting your loved ones instead of worrying about all the pre & post-arrival chores, because we will help you navigate these waters with some easy tips and tricks.


The first thing to do to give your house a clean and organized look is de-cluttering. Collect all and any unnecessary items from the living room, foyer, bedrooms (especially guest ones), dining room, and outdoor sitting areas and put them in out of sight spaces, like drawers and cupboards. Take care to not put too much stuff in guest bedroom drawers so they can free for their own use.

If you are short on time or space, you can just bag all the junk or unnecessary stuff and put it in the garage till after the guests leave. Temporary but effective solution!

Hire a Cleaning Service

Many of us usually get really busy with work and regular household chores before the holidays to spare time for a deep-cleaning. In such a case, hiring a professional cleaning service is a great option. These services have become pretty popular for both residential as well as commercial cleaning.

Make Sleeping Arrangements

Your regular room arrangements can house only so many guests. Sooner or later, you will need extra sleeping spaces and beds to accommodate everyone. So it’s best to get some extra mattresses and bedding items ready to go at the house in addition to regular bedroom setups.

You can easily find folding mattresses and compressed pillows in the market. These will not only save space but will last you for a long while too.

Renew Bathroom Supplies

bathroom supplies

Everyone prefers to use personal toiletries and self-care items but that does not mean that you slack off in restocking your bathrooms with the basic supplies.

Put rolls of toilet paper, a set of towels, regular soap bars and other toiletries on open shelves or in baskets along with a garbage can inside the bathroom so they are easy to find.

And as a safety measure, place a plunger beside the toilet to avoid an awkward encounter too.

Add Lights

Lights infuse a beautiful warmth and welcoming ambience to the whole space. So get some gold and rainbow fairy lights and hand them around the house to make it more open and cheerful.
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