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Selecting Kitchen Ceiling Lights: Four Types of Kitchen Lighting
Everyone dreams of installing beautiful pendant lights in the kitchen. Not only do this type of lighting fixture add some pizazz to one of the busiest parts of the home, but they are also functional. How do you select the perfect pendant for your kitchen? It all boils down to what you need from the fixture itself.

Whether you want to add a beautiful design with minimal light functionality, or focus on shedding some light on the surface where you prepare food, you’ll be able to select the perfect fitting after reading this simple kitchen pendant lighting guide.

Task Lights


As the name states, a task light is functional and provides more light on a work surface. If you want to get a pendant fixture that illuminates your work surface, you should look at designs that aims light downwards. The fixture should also have an open or translucent bottom for maximum light.

Accent Lights


This type of fixture sets out to accentuate a specific piece of furniture or art. While kitchen pendants are not usually designed to accentuate a piece of art, you can still use them to complement your granite top or wooden working surface. Pinpoint lights are great for this specific purpose.

Ambiance Lights


In this case, no specific spot is focused on illuminating. Ambiance lights are there to create a welcoming atmosphere. If you want to use a pendant fixture for ambiance purposes, consider using multiple lights spread across the area for even lighting.

Decorative Lights


Decorative lights are used for just that, to decorate your kitchen. This means you already have bright task lights, and you want your pendant lighting to be the key design feature of the kitchen. Consider getting a pendant fixture that casts interesting shadows.

Finding the Perfect Kitchen Light


You will soon find that getting a pendant fixture that suits your needs is not too difficult. You can play around with contrasts or double-up on specific design elements to accent specific features in your kitchen. The key is to identify the function of the pendant you are looking for before buying something that looks the part but does not add value.

Adding a pendant fixture in your kitchen can be the difference between an ordinary kitchen, or a magnificently designed one. Follow these hints and tips before making your final decision on the type of pendant lighting you want to have installed in your kitchen.
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